welcome to this website.

This site is a sample of evolving recent works

working mainly in Ceramics- Stone sculpture.

Ceramic – Minerals Pigments, as become the main focus of inspiration.

It is within the landscapes that i find true inspiration,

The rock strata of that particular place,

the smells, sounds –

Local people working the land. Speaking the language of the land.

Layer upon layer beneath our feet are as the ancestors,

back to the fluid mantle of form.

my interest in the materials I use is of importance

and how they came to be,

I mainly do ceramics experimental works

making- clays – pigments- other chemical minerals.

The marble sculptures of which I have a keen interest are inspired by fossil and bone,

These are the themes I have been working on a number of years…

Fossil Bone series 2012


I began to work in the arts late 1980s, it was mainly Clay – Wood-Paint,  By the 90s I had incorporated Metal – Stone

the wooden construction see  Cestrals 2008-9

was a series of semi autobiographical  installations which began with Kofundu

which was my 1st installation in Malaga 1992

mainly Granite – Marble – after spending a long time producing bodies of work in these mediums and exhibiting in them ,it was time to refine the process ,

now I work on lesser mixed medium and focus Clay – Stone

Part self taught, partly apprenticed over a number of years working in metal at a foundry in Brittany.

Working on Sculpture in Malaga for a number of years.

Worked at a sculpture park as a technician

Installed works with the sculptor David Kemp.

Worked as an  assistant for the sculptor Peter Randall Page.

Worked on a residency and exhibition  by the ceramicist Sandy Brown.

Have had numerous residencies both in schools and colleges.

Exhibited in numerous galleries-

Brixton art gallery London

Penwith gallery St Ives Cornwall

Casa de cultura – Malaga Spain

Transfo arts collective Brittany

Holton lee  Dorset

Burton art gallery Devon

The Plough arts Centre Devon…

the format into which the works express themselves are mainly installation as they are mostly shrine related objects du arte

The ceramic process as developed to a place were

thoughts , meaning and practice are mirrored through a benign magnetic strata.. Process..

Thank you for interest.

Paul Devon Young